Saturday, July 20, 2013

Review of Fig

I gave Fig an overall score of 3.5, or 3 stars, based on the following 7 categories:
number of visits3 of 5
price range1 of 5
family friendly?3 of 5
% menu vegan2 of 5
quality of service4 of 5
quality of food4 of 5
local mainstay?3 of 5

Every now and again, I like to swap the t-shirt for a non-t-shirt shirt and hit a posh happy hour. One of the best happy hours in all of Santa Monica can be found on the ground floor of the Fairmont Miramar; Fig. Or at least that’s what my animal consuming friends would say.
Park your bikes or drop off your car under the gigantic fig tree in the courtyard, and head in to find a half indoor, half outdoor restaurant next to the pool. There’s a nice bar on the right as you enter that serves up some good suds, wine, and wells, and tables sprinkled throughout; not too crowded but it can get loud.
Service is solid and they always spend a lot of time with me going over the offending ingredients in the menu. On the other hand, the menu is anything but solid. Heavy may be a better description; and almost everything was heavy due to dead animals. They do have one good vegan entre, vegetable curry, and a couple good sides. Oh, and the breakfast menu is a little more vegan friendly. But, even though the vegan food is also heavy, it is very tasty and I have always enjoyed.
If you are looking for a posh happy hour with good food and drinks and have an animal eater with you, then Fig is about the best there is. It has a great location, solid service, decent prices (as long as you hit happy hour where everything is half price), and good food. However, if you are looking for a place where there’s not a braised tongue on the plate next to you, throw your t-shirt back on and head down the street to Real Food Daily.

Additional Info
Address: 101 Wilshire Blvd, 90401
Area: Wilshire
Reviewed Meal: Breakfast, Dinner
Ethnicity: American
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  1. Thanks for the review... Hope I am able to cobble together a vegan breakfast at Fig tomorrow when I am in town. Their online menu doesn't look promising.